What is Bioenergetic testing?

Just a few samples of the available tests

  • Allergy Sensitivity Profile

  • Reflexology Scan

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Major Organs

  • Essential Oils

  • Emotional Stressors

  • Environmental Sensitivity List

  • Food Sensitivity List of 240 plus foods

  • Alternative Therapies

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Hormonal Profile

  • Foods to avoid for Weight loss

  • Nutrient Deficiency

  • Nutritional Maintenance

  • Toxic Stressor

  • Heavy Metal Burden

Energetic Testing & Follow up

New Option for existing Clients! You can mail in your samples and update your Homeopathic and get your updated Food Sensitivities, Toxic burden, and vitamin Deficiencies updates!  You can Mail or Drop your samples off, the results will be emailed and  the Homeopathic will be mailed out the same week! There is a small charge for shipping your homeopathic and printed tests.


Out of State appointments need to book and pre-pay the whole day of services.

This test includes an energetic status of major organs, food and environmental stressors & custom testing based on your evaluation. We can easily tailor these test to your needs.  

This also includes a Homeopathic remedy tailored for your health issues.  If you are doing this primarily for food sensitivities, you must schedule a follow up because the Homeopathic remedy is so effective your body may experience Rapid healing!